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Graded Card Slab Black Bumpers for Standard PSA Slab Case (BCW 6 PACK)

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$19.99 - $19.99
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Graded Card Protection – Protect and guard your graded cards from scratches and damage with BCW Slab Bumpers, made from durable silicone and sold in packs of 6

  • Sleek Design – Providing more protection than standard PSA Slab Sleeves, these sleek and stylish rubber bumpers look amazing, provide excellent grip, and seamlessly blend in with any card collection. Sized to fit PSA graded cards.
  • Easy to Use – BCW Slab Bumpers are simple and quick to attach and provide reliable protection for your precious graded cards. Simply slip the slab through the bumper's center and press into place after grading.
  • Peace of Mind – With BCW Slab Bumpers, you can rest assured that your cards are well-protected and will retain their pristine condition. Don't risk damaging your graded cards by leaving them unprotected.